This has been a great week for True:  3 Short Stories.  I’ve gotten wonderful reviews on Amazon and Goodreads.  I love those!  I thought one of the most interesting comments made in one review was that I was a true storyteller.  The reason I found this interesting is that it was the second time in one week that readers used this term.  I’ve been told this in the past, and it explains why people are so drawn to my characters and their stories.  My mother, aunt, and grandmother were great storytellers, so perhaps that’s where I get it from.  However, as my mother pointed out to me, I’ve used that gift to write stories and not just to recount events.  I wish that the stories I grew up hearing had all been written down.  I’ve forgotten some of them but do include parts or variations in some of my works.  Some are comical, and some are tragic.  Such is life, and life is full of stories….

I did resume work on Sight Unseen this week, although I had a tough time getting back in the groove once I caught up with my rereading of the work.  I had several events in my head that needed to take place but had to allow my brain to shuffle them around a few times in order to get the story going in the right direction.  Two of the events have now been handled, and the rest can be uncovered as I continue to write.  I was thankful for the long weekend, although my back is very unhappy about the time I’ve spent at my computer.  Ah, the suffering artist.

I did create my personal agenda for the RT Convention in May.  All panels are first-come, first-serve.  However, at least I have an idea of what I’d like to attend.  There were only a few time slots where I was truly torn.  Most were no-brainers.  I do have alternate choices should a session fill up before I get there or in case I decide to change my mind after talking with others. 

I was approached via e-mail by someone at RT who wanted to make absolutely certain that I wasn’t going to sign at the convention.  I explained why I’d opted not to but did ask a couple  of questions.  Depending on her answers, I may change my plans.

I’m close to 1,200 LIKES on Facebook and continue to love the LIKES!  However, things are so frenetic at the moment for me and with other giveaways in which I’m involved, I’ve decided to definitely postpone my celebratory giveaway for LIKES and combine it with the release of A Good Man’s Life and its cover reveal.  There is simply too much going on for everyone with the upcoming holidays to coordinate and implement a giveaway.  I’ll begin coordination work soon and will launch the giveaway after January 1st when everyone has had time to chill a bit from the holiday fervor!  I will keep you updated.

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