My 100th blog finds me at an interesting point in my literary career.  When I decided to release In a Manner of Speaking in 2012, I had  drafts of several novels completed but was uncertain as to how to proceed regarding methods of publication and promotion.  The industry has changed so drastically in the last few years.  Some of these changes are definitely for the better, and some are not.  I decided to go Indie and have not regretted it.  In one way, it’s a much harder road to hoe because of the lack of publishing house backing and promotion.    On the other, being Indie gives authors freedom to publish what they want when they want and have creative license with concept, covers, image, etc.  Perseverance is the key, regardless of which choice one makes.  Okay, perseverance and luck.  Those of us who stick with it stick together and refuse to give up our dream. 

I discovered early on the usefulness of the blog in reaching readers and fans.  Facebook is another wonderful medium.   I’ve achieved my dream of publishing and now have four books out in e-format and paperback.  They are In a Manner of Speaking (2012), Over, Under, Across & Through:  Book 1 of The Real World Series  (2012), The Healer’s Gift  (2013), and True:  3 Short Stories (2013).  The Healer’s Gift will be out in audio by the end of this calendar year.  In 2014, I’ll be releasing A Good Man’s Life:  Book 2 of The Real World Series  and Prim and Proper.  I know that I’ll release Mercy:  Book 3 in The Real World Series  in 2015 but am not certain what my other release will be that year.  It all depends on draft revisions, writings, and demand at the time.  

I’ve made so many wonderful friends and learned so much since I started publishing.  I couldn’t have done it without them, my family, and my partner, Budge, who just so happens to be my husband and does all of the business, formatting, and works with me and others to put the designs I envision in my head onto covers, bookmarks, and business cards.  I myself have become more adept at utilizing the website management area and create my own SWAG on Zazzle. 

This year, I know I’m planning to have a table at the Indie Bookfest and will attend the RT Book Convention in May.  I decided not to have a signing there, since it’s my first RT Convention, although I have agreed to provide a gift basket and appear at the Book Club area for a 30-minute slot, assuming those don’t fill up before I can snag one!  🙂

Thanks to all as I celebrate Blog 100!  It will be interesting to see my post when I reach Blog 200 and so on and so on….

The moral of my personal story is that one should never stop creating, learning, or pushing to achieve one’s dreams.  I reached my dream the day In a Manner of Speaking was released by becoming a published author and having my work available to anyone who wanted to buy it.  That doesn’t mean my dream ended there.  It continues because I want readers to find fulfillment by reading all of the works I release.  As long as I have the impetus to write, I’ll keep producing and hope to widen my fan base.  That way, my voice can be heard by even more people all over the world.

I believe this centennial blog will mark the cessation of my use of my trademark quote at the end of each blog.  Each one is different and deserves to have its own unique ending.  My quote will continue to be seen by those who read my works, check out my website, or look at promotional materials.  So, for the last time on the blog I’m signing off by saying, “Transcending reality by exploring it one story at a time….”