It’s been a month since I last posted, but I have a good excuse.  Really.  I’ve been crazy busy.  Okay, so I’m always crazy busy, but this has been an even crazier month than normal.  That’s saying a lot.

Since I last posted, I’ve finished the first draft of Better Left Unsaid, decided to scrap the last 2/3 of the Bound by Grace draft and begin rewriting it, and have been working with my editor on my upcoming contemporary romance releases, A Lovely Dream  and A Lovely Reality.  The covers for both books are now ready.  I’ve been working with my graphic designer a.k.a. my son, Joe, to redo all of my covers with a new brand and to create a display that I’ll order to take with me to events/signings.  Tomorrow, I will be hosting a takeover from 6-10 p.m. EST of the Fandoms and Books Save Lives. Authors Take Them page on Facebook.  I will be holding the first of several holiday giveaways on my Facebook author page.  My guilty pleasure has been indulging in a reading spree of Jeaniene Frost’s books.  I usually like to vary what I read, but I can’t stop myself although I am alternating series.

I’m preparing to begin my final read-through of A Lovely Dream and will then give it to my formatter, who just so happens to be my husband.  Once I do that and we have blog tour dates selected, then I’ll be making announcements regarding release dates for both books.  Since the two novels are basically a set, A Lovely Dream will be released only a couple of months before A Lovely Reality.  I want both of them out before the RT Convention in Dallas this May.

As I prepare to write the blurbs for both upcoming releases, pull out teaser lines, and begin to make graphics, I’m already looking ahead to my next fiction release, which will be Mercy:  Book 3 of The Real World Series, in summer of 2015.  A romance release will follow in the fall, but I haven’t made my selection, yet.  Perhaps as I review my drafts with my editor, then I’ll come to a final decision.  I’m blessed to have several drafts completed since it allows me choices.  With everything being so hectic, my writing time is extremely limited at the moment!

Speaking of RT, I’ve scheduled my author appearance for 11:30 on May 14th and will be donating a gift basket again this year.  I’ll have a spot on Promo Lane as well.  I’m hoping to sign at the book fair, but space is limited and I’m on a waiting list.  They’ve already changed rooms but still don’t have enough space.  Hopefully, that will change before May!

Things will be picking up even more as 2015 approaches.  Not only will I have at least four releases in the next year, but I’ll be at RT, will be attending and signing at Indie BookFest 2015 in Orlando, and…well, who knows what else might come up.  It’s still 2014, and my schedule is insane!

Happy holidays to all!