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A Good Man’s Life: Book 2 of The Real World Series
-publication date February 1, 2014

Daniel Nash struggles to reconcile his feelings of betrayal with his desire to understand his life. His hopes of uncovering the secrets revealed in his father’s journals are quickly dashed, and he works with a private investigator to discover the truth. Worry about his wife, Sarah, combines with his efforts to cope with his childhood trauma, an unexpected death, and the recent revelations. His obsession with the past threatens to destroy his stable life. Meanwhile, Sarah and her father, Tristan, continue to combat the lingering discord that developed between them years before but refuse to take their main focus from Daniel. As he reviews his biological father’s efforts to be a good man, Daniel searches for a way to comprehend shocking disclosures. He questions his own goodness as he fights not to emotionally withdraw from those around him, especially the two people he knows will always love him, Sarah and Tristan.

In a Manner of Speaking
-published July, 2012

Neile Landry, a talented corporate interpreter, is forced to face her past fears and rethink her future plans as she is confronted with deception, threats to her life, and murder. When Neile’s wealthy employer dies in a suspicious car accident that also critically injures her co-worker and best friend, she forms an unlikely partnership with Scotsman Ewen Erskine, a recent business acquaintance. Erskine suddenly inherits his uncle’s multinational corporation after the older man’s unexpected death on the same night as the mysterious demise of Neile’s boss. As secret plans for a global healthcare network are revealed, more deaths follow.

Neile soon finds herself in a personal as well as professional relationship with Erskine as they work together in their efforts to uncover the truth about those who have fallen prey to foul play. Their journey takes them from Louisiana to Scotland, but the killer follows. As they grapple with personal threats and insidious attacks by an elusive sociopath, Neile struggles to overcome increasing difficulty with a congenital cardiac condition and her painful past, while Erskine tries to deal with terrible secrets from his youth that have troubled him most of his life. In the terrifying inevitable confrontation with the killer, Neile realizes that more is at stake than she ever imagined. If the murderer prevails, then everyone she cares about, including innocent children, will die. Neile Landry will have to do whatever she must in order to stop a sociopath bent on the destruction of all she holds dear even if she is forced to forfeit her own life in the process.

Over, Under Across & Through: Book 1 of The Real World Series
-published December, 2012

A young widower struggles to overcome substance abuse and emotional instability as his daughter attempts to find solace for them despite overwhelming odds.  Set in southern Louisiana, Over, Under, Across & Through tells the story of Tristan and Sarah Maes and their extended family.  The novel is divided into three parts.  Each part highlights a different time period in their lives during the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s and explores how the father and daughter and those closest to them confront abuse, neglect, and deception.  While Tristan grapples with the loss of his wife and the subsequent battle with alcohol and drugs, Sarah strives to carve out a normal life for herself.  This is made more difficult by the onset of juvenile macular degeneration, which results in partial blindness that develops during her teenaged years.  Parent and child must come to grips with their actions and choices in the past in order to gain the elusive peace of mind so desperately sought by both in their present.

The Healer’s Gift
-published September, 2013

Ainsland, a virgin widow fleeing from her husband’s murderer, and Collum, a healer who possesses supernatural abilities, are brought together by circumstance. What begins as a marriage of convenience for the couple evolves into one of great love and passion. Yet, Collum’s tragic past and the ever-looming threat of Ainsland’s malevolent pursuer’s appearance in their close-knit rural community overshadows their ability to be truly content. When evil strikes and all seems lost, will it be the resilient, headstrong Ainsland who is able to save herself, her husband, and the people she has come to know and cherish or will Collum, determined and wise, somehow manage to rescue the love of his life before time runs out?

True: 3 Short Stories
-published October, 2013

Readers begin their journey through this compilation of short stories in Louisiana with eighteen year-old Cotton Landry, a smart young woman with a loving father who makes his living as a gambler. Cotton dreams of becoming a doctor but fears she is destined for a career at Guidry’s Handi-mart and Bait Shop unless she can escape her family’s dire circumstances. When all seems lost, Cotton is forced to find her own way out and uncover the true gift her father has given her.

Victor Jones was trained from a young age to work as an assassin and believes in his duty to kill in order to protect the safety of others in the world. His life is forever altered when the one person he has allowed himself to truly love is lost because of his family’s legacy in the secret intelligence community. As a result, Victor is no longer certain of who he is or what to do. He finds the answer in a most unlikely place.

Emma Jen had an unusual upbringing in her Mississippi town and envisioned an exciting career and a future with a smart, handsome, romantic man. That was not to be. Now middle-aged and a widow for many years, she finds herself raising her granddaughter alone. Longing for the life she never had, she decides to discover if it is not too late to attain the fulfillment she sought as a girl. As she journeys toward her potential and uncovers new possibilities, she realizes that her dreams did not have to die with her youth.

True highlights the poignant, the ironic, and the dramatic elements that intertwine throughout the web of our reality. In Clean as Cotton, The Heart of Victory, and Imagine, the reader is introduced to Cotton, Victor, and Emma Jen. These characters are unique, yet they share one trait that binds their diverse stories. Through the ordinary and extraordinary facets of their lives, they embody the search all of us face in the hunt for our sense of self, a sense of purpose, and a sense of innate truth in our world.